Joseph Fink here. So Commonplace Books was something I started as an outlet to do interesting work with the other artists I had encountered in real life and online. The staff and ownership consisted of me. At this point, well, I'm a little busy with Welcome to Night Vale and other related projects (the podcast, a live touring show, a book published through Harper Perennial, and more to come!), so Commonplace Books as a publisher will go quiet for the foreseeable future. Welcome to Night Vale is still very alive and active and planning all sorts of new things (again: podcast, touring show, novel, whoa!), as you'll see by clicking around this site a bit.

Thank you for everyone who worked with us. Below is the "About" for Commonplace Books. I still mean every word.

-July 2014


About Us

Commonplace Books is, among other things, you.

We are here to help express the global arts community that has formed over the last few years on the Internet.

We are about finding interesting and talented people, wherever they are in the world and in their careers, and helping them find a larger audience through communal projects and playful challenges.

Here is a simple fact: it is a better time to be an artist than any other time in history. Whether you are a writer or a painter or a musician or a filmmaker, you were born at a lucky time. Thanks to the Internet, global distribution and organization is now available to everyone.

The exact model for how all this should work isn’t settled yet. But that is why it is up to us, the artists of this generation, the generation living in the best time in history to be an artist, to create the world that we want to live in. To create the models to function in that world.

This is the world of Kickstarter and WikiLeaks. It is a world full of risk, but with the possibility for rewards unlike any that have existed before. And Commonplace Books was made for exactly that world.

I can't wait to see what we all do next. 

Joseph Fink

Stuff We're Doing


What It Means to Be a Grown-Up

What It Means to Be a Grown-Up

A Commonplace Book of the Weird

A Commonplace Book of the Weird

A Podcast:

Welcome to NIght Vale

Welcome to NIght Vale


Joseph Fink (Founder, Partner) - Joseph created and co-writes WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. He is a writer and editor, and the co-owner of Commonplace Books. Awhile back he moved from California to Brooklyn. Subsequently, events unfolded.


Jeffrey Cranor (Partner)  - Jeffrey co-writes the semi-monthly podcast WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. He is also makes dance and theater with choreographer (and wife) Jillian Sweeney. Most recently: VULTURE-WALLY at Incubator Arts Project and THIS COULD BE IT at The Chocolate Factory. Jeffrey also occasionally writes, performs, and directs (mostly short) plays for the New York Neo-Futurists and their long-running show TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND.