Ghost Stories

Starring Cecil Baldwin, with special guests and live music by Disparition.

Featuring Erin McKeown as "The Weather."

Don't know what to expect from a Night Vale live show? Listen to one of our live albums today.

Past Shows

Night Vale live shows are standalone episodes that don't require any knowledge of the podcast to enjoy. Missed a show or just want an idea of what you can expect from a live Night Vale performance? Download one of our past shows.

This album features a full-length performance of "The Investigators" by Cecil Baldwin, featuring live music by Disparition, weather by Eliza Rickman, and performances by Meg Bashwiner, Dylan Marron, Joseph Fink, Hal Lublin, Jeffrey Cranor, Symphony Sanders, and Desiree Burch. 

It also includes 10 bonus tracks of special guest appearances. That's more than 2 hours of brand new Night Vale material, never-before-heard on the podcast.

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A librarian has escaped from the Night Vale Public Library, and no one in town is safe from this unprecedented horror. Plus, today's horoscopes, the community calendar, and a new intern joins the station. 

This album includes 4 bonus tracks from previous productions of The Librarian, featuring special guests Wil Wheaton, Molly Quinn, James Urbaniak, and Jason Webley.

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It's the big crossover episode between your two favorite podcasts/live shows: The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Night Vale.

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Cecil hosts a debate live in the Night Vale Community Radio Studio. Candidates Hiram McDaniels, the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Live in Your Home, and a surprise guest make their case for becoming the next mayor of Night Vale. Meanwhile some strange deer are taking over town.

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Condos have come to Night Vale, and everyone in town is coming to get one of these perfect new homes, including a certain scientist. Plus, a new wing at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies, visits from the mayoral candidates, and a very specific look at traffic.

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