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Welcome to Night Vale is a free podcast, but it does cost money, time, and creative energy to make. If you like the show and want to help us keep making it, consider donating on a monthly basis. In return, we’ll send you cool, exclusive things that no one else gets. If you can't donate monthly, we also have rewards for one-time donations.



Check out our membership tiers below. As a member, you’ll receive the benefits of your membership tiers, plus the tiers below you.

  • Blood Pact Scout – $5 – You’ll receive Director’s Notes, written by the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, for every new episode of the podcast. You’ll also receive four bonus episodes per year of Night Vale characters answering your questions and access to past bonus episodes.
  • Weird Scout – $10 – We’ll send you an exclusive scout patch, plus you’ll get access to pre-sales for our live shows and a 10% store discount.
  • Dreadnought Scout – $25 – We’ll send you an exclusive t-shirt.
  • Dark Scout – $65 – Your choice: You’ll get a 15-minute Skype conversation with Joseph Fink or Jeffrey Cranor, or we’ll send you a personalized recording from Cecil. Must be a member for six months to receive.
  • Fear Scout – $100 – One of the creators of Welcome to Night Vale will send you a handwritten letter. Must be a member for six months to receive.
  • Eternal Scout – $200 – You’ll get two free tickets to any Night Vale Presents event this year, plus, we’ll name a new character on the show after you. Must be a member for six months to receive. New characters may not be introduced immediately, and are subject to approval by the creators of Welcome to Night Vale.

Unless otherwise noted, we will start sending digital rewards within one month of your sign-up date, and physical rewards within three months of your sign-up date.

Have questions about our new membership? Click here for our Membership FAQ, or e-mail us at with the subject “Membership Question.”


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After confirming your payment method with PayPal, you need to complete your membership registration on our site. You should be automatically redirected back to Welcome to Night Vale after you complete your payment. If you are not, please click the "Return to Commonplace Books" button. You must complete your registration to recieve your rewards. 

Questions or issues? Please email us at with the subject "Membership Question."



We still have options for anyone wanting to make a one time donation!

$1 - $74 = Big thanks, fearful listener!
$75 - $149 = We'll send you a set of 4 Night Vale postcards (4 unique designs) 
$150 - $249 = We'll send you a black Welcome to Night Vale logo shirt, plus a set of Night Vale postcards
$250+ = Super thanks! You get immunity from all laws for 1 month. Plus the shirt and the postcards, and we'll even have Cecil record you a very special message.

After confirming your payment with PayPal, you'll be redirected back to our site. If you donated $75 or more, we'll need to collect some information in order to send our your rewards. Please fill out the form on our site to receive your rewards.