Big updates to our membership program!

Welcome to Night Vale is a free show, but it does cost money, time, and creative energy to make. We rely on our monthly members to support the show and help us keep it free.

As of today, we're introducing brand new membership perks. For a donation of just $5 per month, we'll send you Director's Notes for every new episode of the podcast and exclusive bonus episodes featuring Night Vale characters answering your questions.

But that's just the starting point. At the $10 and $25 levels, you'll get exclusive pieces of Night Vale merch that you cannot get anywhere else. At the $65 tier, we'll set up a Skype call between you and the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, or send you a personalized audio message from Cecil Baldwin himself. At $100, one of the creators will send you a handwritten letter. At $200 per month, you'll get two free tickets to any Night Vale Presents event this year and we'll name a character in the show after you.

Head on over to our Donate page to read all of the details on our new membership program.