Good News!

We are creating new T-Shirts! 

Better News!

We want you to design them!

Think you have a good design for a Welcome to Night Vale T-Shirt? We're looking for two more designs to add to our current merchandise (standard WtNV logo and All Hail the Glow Cloud).

There are going to be 2 concurrent design contests this month... 

DESIGN #1 - Cecil/Carlos

In addition to our other mainstay shirts, we want to keep an ongoing Cecil & Carlos shirt in our store. Design your best Cecil & Carlos shirt idea. The winner of this contest will receive $500*, and the T-shirt will have an ongoing availability in our new store. (The design DOES NOT NEED TO DEPICT CECIL OR CARLOS, although it may. Not sure what Cecil & Carlos look like? Check out our FAQ page.)

* If shirt sells more than 320,  the artist will receive 20% of future profit from the sale of the shirt in our store.

DESIGN #2 - Anything! (What design do you have in mind?)

This second design will receive a limited print run. (When we sell out, they'll be gone FOREVER. To be replaced by another fan designed t-shirt.) The winner of this contest will receive $300*. 

Fill out the form below by August 31. Then, we'll post the finalists for both designs here on September 15. We'll take a vote from our listeners, and the winning T-shirt designs will be made into shirts. 

* This is a one-time payment, as this is a limited print run. 


  • Winning images need to be 300dpi and at least as wide as your final design. (If your image is only 2.5" x 4.5", it's going to look very very tiny on a T-Shirt. Maybe that's your goal but be conscious of size.)
  • Make sure your submissions are .JPG or .PNG format (RGB color)
  • PLEASE NOTE: These shirts are screen-printed. Designs are limited to 5 colors (this includes black and white). Gradients will likely not show up as you want them.
  • Indicate if you want this on a specific color of shirt. (We will do our best to accommodate that request, but we are beholden to the colors available. Keep it simple.)
  • Shirts will be fairly simple - short sleeve, central image on the front & welcome to night vale name/logo on back - so plan accordingly & make sure your design does not include flashing LED lights, live spiders on the collar, and/or color bleeds (or actual blood of any kind).
  • Pick your very best work. Only one submission per artist per contest allowed.
  • Do not email us your design. Use your own URL in the form below.
  • Ownership and rights to the artwork will remain with you. Nothing else will be made from the submitted artwork without your permission. 

(T-Shirt Design Contest icon designed by @SpineIessCrow



1 entry per artist per design contest. So you could submit up to two different images (one for each contest).

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