Welcome to NIght Vale Weather Submissions


Please read the below information about submitting a song. If you ignore any of these rules, your submission will be ignored, so please read them carefully. All submissions must be received by 2/15/19 at midnight (EST).



1.     Your song may be in any genre, may be instrumental or have vocals, and may be in any language. If it’s music, you can submit it.

2.     Send your submission to nightvaleweather@gmail.com. Submissions sent to any other email addresses will be deleted without opening.

3.     Send only one song. Pick your best.

4.     Your song must be an original that you own the rights to. No covers. Do not submit on behalf of a band you like. It must be a song you own.

5.     Your song must be at least 1 minute long and no longer than 5 minutes. Absolutely no exceptions.

6.     If you have submitted to be the weather before and didn’t hear back, please do feel free to submit again, but please submit a different song than you submitted last time.

7.     Please put the following pieces of information in your email. You can write a note if you want to (it’s not required), but please put this information separate from the note and clearly labeled

a.     Artist name

b.     Song name

c.     Genre (I know that it sucks having to label your work, but this helps us out so please just do your best to pick the closest genre thanks!)

d.     The link you would like us to share with our listeners if your song is selected (your website, your bandcamp, etc.).

8.     Provide a link to a streaming version of the song (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, etc.). It must be the version of the song that you want featured in the weather (so not a video of a live performance if you are submitting a studio version).

9.     Attach one high quality version of the song that we could download and place directly into an episode. (Keep in mind that the episode itself will be compressed into an mp3, so you want your file to be a good quality source so that your music sounds good. High quality mp3, .wav, .flac, etc.)

By submitting, you agree to let us place your song in a Welcome to Night Vale episode that will be available in perpetuity or until the internet stops working.


Some notes about our criteria


1.     We are not interested in whether a song feels creepy or weird or “Night Vale-y”. Our only criterion is if we love a song. So send us your best song, not your weirdest one. Unless your weirdest song is also your best one. Then send that weird one.

2.     We are especially interested in types of music we haven’t featured before, so don’t feel hesitant to send something that doesn’t sound anything like any weather we’ve had.

3.     That said, even if your song is a genre we’ve featured a lot, we’ll still be happy to feature it if we love it.

4.     We are always on the look out for good hip hop, so please do submit that.

5.     We do not censor our weather artists, so your song may have explicit language or content if you’d like. However if your song has language that is misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. (any hate speech at all), it’s definitely not going to be chosen.

6.     You will only hear back from us if we decide to use your song. 

7.     If we do decide to use your song, it may take well over a year for us to respond and put it in an episode. You will probably forget you submitted it. You will grow older, and will not be the same person who submitted the song. It’s entirely possible you will die before we get back to you, depending on your age, luck, and many other factors. Sorry. We’re just a few people doing a thing and there are only so many episodes.

8.     Hey, thanks. We really look forward to hearing what you’ve made.

(Weather Submission icon designed by Kate Leth. )