Welcome to Night Vale Starter's Guide

Welcome to “Welcome to Night Vale”, a twice-monthly fiction podcast from the town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true.

Want to jump into Night Vale but are a little freaked out by the fact that we have over 150 episodes, not to mention seven recorded live shows, two novels, and four script collections?

Don’t be! You can start listening to Welcome to Night Vale with any episode, and you should feel free to skip around, or move backwards. Time is weird, so your listening experience can be, too.

Plus, the novels and live shows are completely standalone stories, so you can go read, watch, or listen to any of them without having to know anything about the show.

We also have a recap show called Good Morning Night Vale. Each episode is a deep dive into one episode of Welcome to Night Vale, starting with the very first episode from 2012. It's a great audio companion for a first time listener, and you can subscribe right here.

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Looking for a place to start?

We’ve collected some of our favorite episodes below. These single episodes and short series are stand-alone. You won't be spoiled if you decide you love them so much you want to start from the beginning.


13 – A Story About You

This episode is a standalone short story about you, the listener. A long time fan favorite, and one of the first episodes that showed us the potential of what we could do with 25 minutes of audio fiction.


26 – Faceless Old Woman

Sometimes you want a creepy story. And sometimes you want the voice of Mara Wilson whispering weird things to you. This episode gives you both.


33 – Cassette

We dive into the strange childhood of our narrator Cecil. A definite fan favorite episode. This is another creepy one. I dunno, we do creepy a lot.


42 – Numbers

A stand alone story about the tantalizing possibility of independence, and the difficulty of pursuing your dreams. Also about coded messages, government conspiracies, and numbers stations, which are completely real and bizarre things. Featuring the first appearance of guest voice Molly Quinn.


60 – Water Failure

Another episode in which we play with the podcast format. In this case, a good chunk of the episode takes the form of an automated phone tree. We want you to know that the woman who voiced the phone tree did so in a single, uninterrupted first take.


67 – [Best Of?]

Our play on the typical podcast “best of” episode. Except none of the clips are from any episodes we’ve ever released, and they go back farther into history than would seem technologically possible.


71 – The Registery of Middle School Crushes

Our heist episode. We always wanted to make a heist episode, and so we did. This is it.


79 – Lost in the Mail

A beautiful short story by frequent guest writer Zack Parsons about a teenager whose father can’t be there for her, for reasons that are very difficult to explain.


133 – Are You Sure?

Our podcast host has software that allows us to insert, change & remove ads. We used that software on this episode to create multiple possible endings to the same episode. You'll need to listen a few times to hear them all.


Short Series:

The Sandstorm

These episodes were released simultaneously in 2013. They are the exact same event (a sandstorm that creates doppelgängers) told from two different cities' points of view. Also the first appearance of one of our most popular characters.



A three parter guest written by novelist and friend of the show Glen David Gold. These episodes are just a blast, and stand entirely on their own as an exciting and strange adventure for our host.


The Birthday of Lee Marvin

Night Vale's most local and legendary local legend celebrates his 30th birthday today and every single day. Incomparably voiced by TL Thompson


The Blood/Space War

We explore the long and convoluted history of the Blood/Space War, from PTA Bake Sale fundraisers, to time travel, to 19th Century farmers making crop circles.