How do I listen to your show?

You can subscribe to this podcast or stream it online via any podcast app, including Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Google Play, and Spotify. Not sure where to start? Check out our Starter's Guide.

You can also listen on our official Youtube channel, where we also have some behind the scenes videos and bonus content.

If you'd like to just download each mp3 individually, you can do that here.

Where do I find the music playing in the background of the podcast?

Disparition composed nearly all of the bed music for Night Vale. It can be downloaded at It is too complicated to list every track we've used at every moment in every show, so we encourage you to explore his fine work and find the music on your own. Along the way, you'll discover some brilliant pieces you've not heard yet, too. 

What does the character Cecil [or Kevin or Old Woman Josie or _____] look like?

What do YOU think they look like?

How do you spell [insert character name or place here]?

Here are spellings for things that might not be apparent just by listening: Khoshekh, old woman Josie, Steve Carlsberg, coach Nazr al-Mujaheed, Hiram McDaniels, Telly the barber, Leann Hart (editor of the Night Vale Daily Journal), Moonlite All-Nite Diner, Simone Rigadeau (living in the Earth Sciences building), Svitz, Franchia, Luftnarp, Tamika Flynn, Cecil Gershwin Palmer,  Strexcorp Synernists Inc., Vithya (intern), Leonard Burton, Megan Wallaby.

Where do I find that weather song I liked?

All featured music is listed in the show notes for each podcast. The full list of podcasts can be found at our Libsyn feed.



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Sometimes, emails get lost in the system. If you haven't received a digital reward that you believe you were supposed to receive, please email us at with the subject "Membership Question."


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You changed your membership benefits! How do I know which reward I'm going to get?

We updated our membership tiers as of June 15, 2017. If you signed up before that date, you are grandfathered in and will still receive the previous reward tied to your donation level. Additionally, you will receive some of the new digital rewards, such as a store discount and four bonus episodes per year, according to your donation tier. If you want to receive the new rewards at higher donation tiers, check out the instructions in the next FAQ. Have a more specific question? E-mail us at with the subject "Membership Question."


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When are you going to do more live shows?

We are always looking for opportunities to do more shows for you all! Check here to see what we have in the works right now. 

How long is a Welcome to Night Vale live show?

That varies a bit based on what kind of guests we have, but generally they are around 90 minutes including the opening musical guest.

Do you need to be caught up on the podcast to enjoy the live show?

No! Our live shows are written for everyone – listeners and non-listeners alike – and it doesn't matter if you've heard one episode or one hundred episodes or zero episodes.

Do you sell merchandise at your live shows?

Yes, we sell a limited selection of exclusive merchandise at our shows. We don't sell anything from our online store, though we do add any leftover tour merch to our online store after we retire a script.

I am the parent of a young person. Would bringing them to a live show be possible or appropriate?

We write our shows to be inclusive of all ages. On rare occasions, venues are not flexible on 18+ age restrictions. Check the ticket sales page of a specific performance to see. But again, this is rare, as we do our best to work in all ages venues.

The show itself is the same kind of material as the podcast, so that should allow you to judge. However, we choose to not ask the musical guest to censor themselves. As a result, there might be some cussing 'n stuff in the music.

Do you come out for signing/taking gifts/hugs after a live show?

Not always, but performers will occasionally pop out to say hi.

Will the live shows ever be recorded for release?

Yes. We have released a few live episode recordings, all featuring many special guests. They are available for pay-what-you-can on our Bandcamp page and are also available on iTunes. If you have a choice, buying from Bandcamp is a better deal for us, but wherever you buy it is really cool of you.

The live show I wanted to see sold out. Will you add aNOTHER show?

Probably not. Venues don't always have availability to add another night, and even when they do, we don't always have another night to stay and perform. But on the occasion of an added performance, we will announce it immediately via Twitter and Facebook. So follow us there.


Once you have purchased a ticket, those transactions are out of our hands. Please contact the ticket seller (Ticketmaster, Ticketfly, etc) that you bought the ticket from for their policies.


Can I send you my ideas for your show?

Please don't. We are unable to use episode or line ideas from people, and it's easier to write the show without all that bouncing around in our heads. Your idea is probably really good anyway, and you should use it in your own writing instead of making us look good based on your work.

How do I send you my writing submission?

We are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions.

How do I get my music played on the weather?

As with writing submissions, we are not currently accepting music submissions, due to the long backlog of songs we already have scheduled. (The weather section is booked for well over a year into the future - if you believe in such things as “the future” and “music.”)

When we start accepting music submissions again, we will post it here on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.


We are not currently taking submissions for new podcasts. 

How do I audition to be a voice actor on Welcome to Night Vale?

The answer, unfortunately, is you don't. We cast people very rarely, and we generally only do it when we already have an actor we know in mind.

Can you send me a transcript of an episode?

No, but you can get the first two years of Night Vale, complete with notes from Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor and some performers, in book form. For more information, head to our Books page.

It's my birthday/my friend's birthday. Can you mention my/their name in the podcast?

We get several requests like this every single day, and so we unfortunately must decline all of them. Sorry! We do offer having a character named after you as a membership reward, but if and how your name is used is up to us.

But I have another very good reason that has nothing to do with birthdays. Will you mention my/someone else's name now?

No, sorry.

Why don’t you sell [specific item of merchandise] in your store?

We are always trying to come up with new items for our store, ones that are cool and fun and interesting (but also ones that will sell enough to make up for the cost of creating them). Just know we’re always working on new things.

I designed my own Night Vale t-shirt/phone case/poster/etc.  Can I sell it?

All of us who work on Night Vale do so for free, and much of the money we make in return is from the sale of Night Vale merchandise. For that reason, we ask that no one sell their own Night Vale merchandise, and we reserve the right to ask you to remove any Welcome to Night Vale merchandise from your shop. Thanks for being cool about this!

Where can I find more information about your books?

Our new novel, It Devours! is on shelves, as well as our first novel, Welcome to Night Vale. Plus, you can get our first two script collections from the podcast! Go to our Books page for details on where to get them.

I have an idea for a fan project where I _______.

Non-commercial fan projects are fine by us. Please keep it free and let us know how it goes! 

I want to host a listening party at my home/my library/my bar/my store/etc.

Non-commercial listening parties are fine by us. We ask that you please do not sell tickets to or otherwise sell food/drink/merchandise at a listening party. This is a free podcast. 


Yes. For more information about rates, please contact us. You can also sponsor other shows on the Night Vale Presents network. Please contact us for further details.

Can my radio station play Welcome to Night Vale episodes on the air?

We are not currently licensing Night Vale out for radio use, so please do not do this.


Who do I email about __________?

Here's all that info.

I ordered something from the Welcome to Night Vale store and it hasn’t arrived or there was a problem with it.

If you purchased merchandise through our Topatoco store, please visit the Topatoco Help page.

Do you have an email list? Can I get on that? 

Yes. Type in your email below and click the button.