Night Vale Holiday Gift Guide

It's almost that time of year again: the season where everyone exchanges gifts to reaffirm their loyalty pacts. Need something to show that special someone that you would fight with them until the end of all possible timelines? Night Vale has you covered.

It Devours! inspired pillow & Leggings

Today we're launching a brand new pillow inspired by Rob Wilson's cover design for our new novel, It Devours! It features a lot of teeth. Buy it right here.

We're also launching a brand new pair of leggings by Jessica Hayworth, inspired by her endpaper design for It Devours! It also features a lot of teeth. Buy it right here.

Holiday Cards

Perennial favorites from years past! Two different sets of holiday cards designed by Rob Wilson and Jessica Hayworth available for you to write inside of and then send in the mail. Buy one or both sets right here.

Tons of other great stuff

We released a ton of cool new stuff this year, including the very popular (maybe too popular...) Night Vale Radio Intern Pin by Kate Leth and the "I Survived The Summer Reading Program" patch by Iain Burke.

Other cool stuff to check out if you haven't looked at the store in a while:
Jessica Hayworth's GUTS themed t-shirt & phone cases
Rob Wilson's redesigned logo sweatshirt
Iain Burke's Sheriff's Secret Police pin
Our t-shirt/tank top that says "Pain Is Just Pain Entering The Body"
Our very first Night Vale sticker pack

... and so much more, including t-shirts, posters, pins, patches, key tags, phone cases, tarot cards, mugs, ties, scarves, socks, and pint glasses.